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At Siskiyou Property Management we are focused on providing each of our clients with the best possible care. We are only as successful as we help each of them to be. People trust us to care for their investment properties, and it’s a task that we don’t take lightly. We not only want them to maximize their investments, but we want to help make the entire process of having a rental process hassle free.

When a company works with Siskiyou Property Management they get a team of professionals who are committed to the mission. They each bring with them years of experience in the real estate field, as well as client services skills that are second to none. Our team of professionals knows how to work with tenants as well as property owners, to create a harmonious experience for all. We are highly experienced in all aspects of property management and currently serve the entire greater Rogue Valley area.

We handle all aspects of renting out your investment property, handling everything from marketing and tenant application process to collecting the monthly fees and getting property owners paid each month. We are trusted each month by many people to provide them with a smooth approach that allows them to focus on other things.

Serving the greater Rogue Valley area, we look forward to helping each property owner. Our passion of managing properties translates into higher profits for every property owner we work with!

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Experience comes in a variety of packages.  Our experience comes from working in a broad spectrum of services.  Our team’s combined experiences as Investors, Licensed Contractors, Real Estate Agents and as Licensed Property Managers, allows us the knowledge and know-how to run a superior, hands-on Property Management Company.  Being personally involved in fieldwork is a huge part of our management style.  We are constantly working with owners and tenants, while watching over our clients’ assets, making profitability more likely than with other management styles.  As experienced Field and Property Managers, we are able to foresee and catch problems before they even happen, therefore saving money in repairs and maintenance.

   With over two decades of combined Property Management experience, our team has worked with Professional Real Estate Agents, Property Managers, Home Inspectors and various vendors associated with this line of business.  We know houses and complexes inside and out!  Our management style allows us to see properties two to three times more often than other Property Management companies.  Terry, Siskiyou Property Management’s Owner/Operator, has extensive experience as a Handyman, which allows our team greater property access, more often, for repairs, walk-throughs and drive-bys.  As a company that employs Property/Field Managers, you’ll be working with a team who answers the phone and replies to any correspondence in a very short timeframe.  Therefore, repairs and problems are dealt with more quickly than other companies in this business.  By using this style, our company creates happier tenants, which in turn, results in happier and more profitable property owners.

   Keeping the company small allows Siskiyou Property Management’s team to give you personalized service.  In an industry full of unqualified people lost behind a desk, reaching a live person, rather than a voicemail is priceless and allows our team to become familiar with each client’s needs and preferences.  Today’s technology allows us to take calls and emails in the field, as well as access digital photos and files on-the-fly. 

   The Siskiyou Property Management team’s goal is to bring back the personal relationship between the Owner and the Property Manager.  Questions will be answered directly by one of our experienced Certified Property Managers.  Getting back to the basics of trust and honesty is essential in the industry of Property Management.  Trust has been lost among Property Owners, when it comes to other Property Management Companies.  Communication and protecting our clients’ assets, is not only the cornerstone of Siskiyou Property Management, it is also our main goal.  We also strive to create good relationships among tenants.  Happy tenants are the foundation for long-term tenants and decreases turnover rates.  Retaining tenants involves great communication; just a phone call or a visit can settle small problems that may have otherwise lead to a vacancy.  When choosing a Property Manager, just having someone who listens and is pro-active is key. 

   Our team knows that unfortunately human error and destruction is a part of this industry.  In fact, it is a part of every day life!  When it comes to protecting your assets, we have a motto: "Protect the rule and the rule will protect you".  Being organized and documenting everything is one of our biggest assets.  Property Management laws are in place to protect Owners, Tenants, and Property Managers.  When it comes to these laws, documenting every situation plays a huge role in protecting everyone involved.  Our team documents and takes notes upon every visit, phone call, or email.  These documents and notes are available at anytime for Clients to review.

  A personal touch and a lot of common sense is what you will find within Siskiyou Property Management’s company and from every member of our team.  Along with our immense experience, you will receive top-notch property management, maintenance and communication. 

Thank you,

Terry Kau




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